Chase Distillery & The Drinks Trust Cap

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Chase Distillery & The Drinks Trust Charity Cap

The team at Chase Distillery are always striving to become more sustainable, and they are now pleased to offer the sustainable Chase Ocean Black Cap. It's made from upcycled materials from landfill and ocean waste, offering end to end recycling.

When you buy this environmentally friendly product you are choosing something that helps to protect and restore our planet, our only home. Chase Distillery Caps are made from:

  • 25% organic cotton
  • 40% recycled landfill plastic
  • 35% ocean recycled plastic

Spanish fishermen collect waste from the surrounding seas, oceans and waterways. It’s taken to recycling centres and converted into ‘RPET’ before moving to the fabric mills. There, it’s turned into yarn and blended with organic cotton. The resulting fabric is what's used for our Chase Ocean Black Caps.